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Uninspired, but Grateful

Several times this week, I have sat down to write a post.  Every time, I have been unable to focus my thoughts into something inspiring or meditative or evocative of emotion.  So here I sit, again.  Uninspired.  Since expecting different results from the same old behavior is rather futile, I've decided that, instead of reaching for something super deep or marvelously clever, I will simply post a gratitude journal.

1. My son.  Every time I get to see him, I am amazed at how he's grown, and I'm so grateful that he still loves me and thinks of me even though I can't be there all the time.

2. My dad.  He knows the latest reason, but other than that, I'm grateful for his humor and the fact that I can talk to him about almost anything.

3. Dragon.  He is a very kind and understanding mate.  He holds me when the world is overwhelming and helps me find the strength within myself to face it.  He also gives me free tattoo work.

4. My mad crafting skillz.  Seriously.  I'm awesome at making stuff.

5. Rocks.