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Serpent's Rest

The snake was nearly 6 feet long and it was fighting with my dog.  My first reaction was to get my fur-baby away from it.  She wasn't hurt and I shut her in the cabin while I figured out what to do.  I'd have liked to just let the snake be, but there is an inquisitive and head-strong child visiting for the summer and we plan to have chickens and rabbits soon.  I weighed the options and considered the possibilities and decided that it was best to go on and kill the snake.

I have processed the snake's body.  While I don't trust that its flesh is edible, I can at least make good use of the skin and bones.

So, I took a life today, but I did not do so lightly.  I hope that I never become someone who would kill without reverence.  I wish peace to whatever spirit the snake may have had.