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A Moment

I am sitting on the porch bench, a project on the table in front of me.  I've been at it for hours, relaxed by the flow of work I do well.  The sudden impact of an acorn on the tin roof startles me and I look up and around, only just noticing the waning of golden sunlight and the onset of evening chill.

I set down my work to pull on my tattered sweater.  Threads poke out of the many places I've mended over the years.  I smile when I think of how mom tried time and again to get me to throw it away.  I have other sweaters, prettier, softer, warmer ones, but this is my favorite.  I don't remember where I got it, but I feel the comfort of an old friend when it is wrapped around me.

The 2-way chirps, bringing me out of reverie.  My mate is calling me in for supper and, as the cold is becoming uncomfortable, I am not irritated to end my work mid-project.

I put away my supplies, lock up the cabin, and walk home to the comfort of hot food and my love's warm smile.  It is a blessedly peaceful end to a productive day.