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I was irritated with my lover today. We had taken a nap and I was ready to wake up again, while he was not. I let him be for a while. I worked on some cleaning and played online a bit. Then I noticed the sky darkening and felt time running out. So I bugged him and he didn't want to wake up. He got a little sharp with me since I frequently try to wake him by telling him the time and that is apparently somewhat irritating. So, I felt hurt that he didn't want to wake up and spend time with me, which is not something I'd communicated that I wanted. All I said was that it was getting dark and was he going to get up at all? It took me a while to figure out that I was really feeling was lonely and I had asked him for the wrong thing. I don't know if he'd have gotten up if I asked for company or if he'd have told me to wait cause he was tired. I may never know, because I didn't ask for what I needed.